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Initiate Prescription for Specialty Medication
Enrollment Form (preferred) sent via fax to 844-786-9705. Alternatively, E-Rx sent to Mainline Pharmacy, or Hard Copy given to the Patient.
Benefits Investigation
Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care Team will investigate Rx coverage.  Prescriber will receive communication of the results of investigation.
Prior Authorization
Up to 90% of all specialty medications will require a Prior Authorization.  Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care will prepare and process all PA forms
Appeal Letter
If Prior Authorization is denied, Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care’s team of Clinical Pharmacists will prepare a detailed appeal letter for the prescriber’s review.
Co-Pay assistance
Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care will research and enroll the patient in all available Co-pay assistance programs, reducing or eliminating the patient’s copay.
Medication Dispensed, Education and Training
Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care will dispense the medication directly to the patient.  Pharmacists will provide injection training, education, and ongoing patient support.
Compliance Monitoring
Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care’s Team will monitor for patient compliance.  Refill reminders, follow-up communication, and monitoring for outcomes.
Prescriber Updates, Communication, and Resources
Consistent communication from Mainline Pharmacy Specialty Care team on every prescription and for each patient.  Our team is here to help you!