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Long Term Care

Mainline Pharmacy has been in business for over 􀀉40 years and have been servicing LTC facilities for 􀀊25 years. Mainline LTC Pharmacy was established to better serve the different needs of skilled, intermediate, personal care homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, and youth facilities. We will coordinate with you to provide your facility unique and personalized services to best suit your business.

We will coordinate the collection of all resident data including medication list, insurance information and other personalized data.

We accept all insurances and all Medicare part D prescription plans. Our billing department will handle all billing information, Power of Attorney Information and the Privacy Act.

We will provide medication training prior to the initial start date, as well as ongoing medication training as needed for new staff members.

Automated Dispensing

Mainline LTC Pharmacy uses automated dispensing to fill prescriptions, in addition to our technician staff.

  • The DOSIS L60 is the most widely accepted single medication blister card automation in the U.S. pharmacy market. Versatile automation is designed for on demand daily and cycle filling.

  • The system works directly with our pharmacy's information system so that the DOSIS fills, seals, and labels the prescriptions.

  • Due to the automation and hands-free nature of the L60, this allows Mainline LTC to provide superior speed and accuracy in filling prescriptions.

pharmacy shelves

Ask us about consultation services!

Our highly skilled pharmacists take pride in providing pharmacy consulting services that can be tailored to fit the needs of your facility.

eMAR Software

Electronic MAR (eMAR) are web-based software solutions that help to improve the accuracy of med passes with alarms, warnings, and improved communications. The eMAR system is connected with Mainline LTC Pharmacy in real-time, allowing facilities to reorder meds/supplies, notify the pharmacy of new orders, and communicate any other pertinent information.
Mainline LTC Pharmacy works with all eMAR systems, including QuickMAR, PointClickCare, and CaraSolva.


Mainline Pharmacy delivery car

Mainline LTC Pharmacy offers flexible, daily delivery to your facility Monday through Saturday. Sundays and after hours emergencies are handled by our on-call staff 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.


Mainline LTC Pharmacy will bill the appropriate insurances and third-party insurers in a correct, and timely manner. We will work to minimize billing to the facility through our formulary and prior authorization systems.

  • Monthly itemized statements for facility and private pay billing

  • Accept all credit cards

  • Set up charge accounts to cover costs.

Cycle Fill Medication Exchange

  • Each month, a technician(s) will bring your monthly cycle fill medications to the facility for the medication exchange.

  • Empty cards from the previous month will be pulled from the cart and replaced with the new cards for that month.

  • Expiration dates are checked on all medications in the cart. Any expired medications will be removed and replaced

  • Paper MARS are reviewed for any changes if applicable.

​M-F :9am – 6pm, Sat 9am - 2pm, Sunday closed
1049 Shoemaker St Suite 2
Nanty Glo, PA 15943
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